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Cloudy Water

Why does my water look cloudy?

Cloudy water, professionally known as "turbidity", is the cloudiness, haziness, or color of the water coming into your home or business.  Typical factors that can cause cloudy or colored water are some type of solids, air or tannins in the water line. Most often this is caused by some type of disturbance of your water source or water lines. Even if your water becomes clear again, it is very important to test your water because some solids can still be present in your water even though it appears to be clear. Central PA Soft Water can install a water purification system in your home to resolve these issues.

Common signs of particles in my water.

Common issues include... Discolored or cloudy water, gritty or strange taste.

cloudy water

Contact us today for an instant free water test and let the experts at Central PA Soft Water help keep your water clean.

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