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Water Systems for Reading, PA

Serving the Reading and Eastern Pennsylvania Area.

Central PA Soft Water has two locations to serve you. Our Reading location can help you resolve all your home or commercial water issues. According to local water authorities, hard water and relater other related water issues are a common problem in our area. Most of the water that gets pumped into our homes or business contain levels of calcium and manganese levels that often lead to hardness related issues.

HomeAdvisor water system quote

These two guys are personable and don't give you the bells and whistles that some other companies do, but they give you a better deal on their product because of that. They are a joy to work with.

~ Kathryn C. in Allentown, PA

Central PA Soft Water of Reading


(800) 203-8527

Contact us today for an instant free water test and let the experts at Central PA Soft Water help keep your water clean.

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